Presidents Message

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone has had a great summer this year.  I know the weather was not exactly up to our expectations, but I trust as Northerners you made the best out of it.

Well it is that time of the year again to switch from the relaxing and care free dog days of summer, to a more structured schedule.  This means for the membership we are back to our regular monthly meetings at the college.   We hold monthly meetings at Confederation College on the second Tuesday of each month excluding July and August, at 7:00 PM.  The general meetings include topics such as what to see in the night skies this month, operation and using binoculars and telescopes, latest news in astronomy, and many other presentations.  General meetings are open to the public.  You are welcome to attend and see what we are all about. Check the TV screens at the main entrances of the Shuniah Building for room number.

Our Centre continues to remain healthy and strong. Will still boasts 50+ astronomy enthusiasts in our centre, which says a lot about our region’s character. The centre finances are in good shape, which will means we can bring you the services that you have come to expect.

This summer break has been an extremely busy one for centre activities.  The Centre held a number of events throughout the summer that even the weather could not damper.  Here’s a list of events that the centre put on or attended.

The General Assembly:

The General Assembly was our Centre’s Gala event of the summer.  It was a week-long affair for all of those who volunteered. It was a huge success, in no small part due the extraordinary efforts of Dave Gallant who was on top of all things.

It also could not have been done without the efforts of the numerous club members and their spouses who volunteered their time to the cause.  I would like to thank everyone who came out and put on a great show.

I hope that everyone that attended made new friends from around that RASC and had the opportunity to network with those with similar interests. For myself, I enjoyed putting names to faces that I have seen through various RASC publications and informal chat rooms.

The General Assembly has left its mark on us, and I am sure ours on it!

Well Done!

Kakabeka Fall Provincial Park Star Party:

In the second week of July the Centre was asked to put on a public star party and talk at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park.   This would be the first talk and star party at a provincial park where I would be lead speaker and not helping in the background.

Unfortunately the weather was cool and wet. As a result the park was devoid of campers and sight-seers.  So only two people turned out for my talk and we were not able to get out viewing.

I would like to thank Andy for coming out and giving me a hand or in this case emotional support!

Quetico Provincial Park Star Party:

Our annual gathering at Quetico was much more of a success.  Like Kakabeka Falls, Quetico was not its busy self.  However that did not stop a reasonably good turnout for the Friday night talk, presented by Ted.

Saturday afternoon the clouds parted long enough for some solar observing. Our group was joined from John who made the day trip in from Dryden.  We had a small but interested group look through the telescopes, and were able to view several flares.

Saturday evening Dave gave a talk on the Perseid Meteors. It was attended by a good sized crowd.

The skies cleared both Friday and Saturday nights for a few hours to give us some good viewing. The bugs were bad at the start so a lot of the audiences who attended the talks left early.

In addition to myself, I would like to thank both Ted, John, and Dave for coming and making it another successful year at Quetico.

Perseid Meteor Watching at DTAO:

FWHP invited members to do a little peak Perseid Meteor watching from the DTAO. Alas the skies in Thunder Bay did not hold out the eager spectators.

I was still in Quetico and was unable to attend this particular event. Dave Gallant was the clubs official representative at this function.  Thank you to him and those other members in attendance put on a good show in the light of bad weather.

Sibley/Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Star Party:

The third and final star party of the summer was held out at Sibley over the Labour Day long weekend.  If you are counting this was the third event that we were totally clouded out.

Dave Gallant gave two presentations (Saturday & Sunday) which was to be followed by observing.  The turnout for the talks was positive and it was nice to see a much younger crowd in the audience.

In addition to Dave and I, Randy and his spouse came out to help with the viewing part of the evening.  Thank you to both, Dave and Randy.

OPP Summer Camp:

The Centre was asked last minute to give a presentation and a talk at the OPP summer camp. Unfortunately due to a little miscommunication and time constraints, the centre was unable to get this one together.


I would to take the opportunity to make a special thank you to BOB and the quality merchandise items that he was able to assemble for GA.  Those Items will surely be great reminders of our Centre, the GA, and the RASC for as long as they survive.

The Year Ahead

Its little less than a week away from our first of ten meetings that make up the membership year. Plans are in the works to fill the year with interesting and meaningful talks and events.

Skipping ahead a meeting to October there are a couple of executive positions that are coming up for election. As well we still a couple of vacancies that need to be filled. If you’re interested you have a month to think it over and place your name on the ballot if you are so inclined.

As always we are always looking for members to who are interested in giving talks at the meetings of things that they may find interesting and would like to share with the rest of the Centre.  Also if public speaking is not your think I would be more than willing to present a topic on your behalf and or include that topic as an article for the newsletter.

The Executive and I are always interested in hearing feedback and input on ways that we can make the most of our membership year. If there is an idea or a project that you would like to see taken up over the next year feel free to contact anyone of the executive.